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ELV System stand for Extra Low Voltage System that are deployed in buildings to provide smart and intelligent access control, security as well as infrastructure for data, voice and video transmissions.

With ELV systems building management has become more sustainable and economical. Whether it’s a large or small building, a residential or commercial space, ELV systems are the need of the hour.

Extra Low voltage engineering systems make buildings smart. Every building requires certain amenities to make it more people friendly and safe for residents and users. Advanced engineering systems, packaged under ELV solutions, is the right choice for building management.

Technological advancements have rendered several manual operations redundant. ELV systems adopt these technological advancements to provide intelligent buildings.

ELV systems include solutions for many aspects of Building Management:

Security systems

Physical Security systems


HVAC control system via BMS “building management system

Fire detection

Voice Communication systems

Public address

Access controls

Trespass detection

Audiovisual aids

GRMS system

Cell phone and wireless distribution