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An integrated building management system (BMS) is a master control system that networks all of the mechanical, electrical, IT, and security systems of a facility, unifying them into a single system so they can share information and work together seamlessly. Integrating all of the components into a single cohesive unit allows the various systems to share information so they can work more effectively. The end result of this interoperability is greater efficiency, lowered operating costs, and a more secure and responsive building environment

BMS is a high technology system installed on buildings that controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as HVAC systems, lighting, power systems, fire systems,and security systems, in order to provide the facilities necessary for maintaining a comfortable working environment.. All of the essential building operations systems and functions in your building can be controlled by building automation system software. The software can control and manage all of the following building control systems:

Lighting control

Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

Energy management

Access control/security systems

Elevators and escalators

Critical environments

Fire and life safety systems/smoke evacuation

Building condition monitoring

Power monitoring

We Offer

We offer a multitude of benefits, They help you to plan operations and assess performance, make operation easier, improve building comfort, enhance safety, improve efficiency, save energy, and protect your assets by utilizing wide range of products mentioned as below.


Flexible control schedules with ON-OFF time slots

Change schedules across the region just by one click

Unified dashboard to remote monitor status and control

Control based on user rights

Alerts on Email

Analytical reports

Web and mobile apps

works on wifi communication